Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pic update and announcing our news!

Ok...So I haven't officially announced it on our blog, but most everyone knows we are expecting a baby! I am due on April 22 and we are all so excited for the new edition to our family. Everything is going great and we will find out Dec. 1st what we are having. We will keep you posted!

At the carnival. Kenna is way excited to be there

At the hog festival in Elgin, Tx they say they have the worlds best sausage. I didn't test that theory, but Jer gave them a two thumbs up

I had some better pictures but I had to put this one up because I crack up everytime I look at Parkers face! I think my sister will appreciate this one too she'll giggle... We were at the pumpkin patch in Elgin, TX

Finally learned how to ride with no training wheels after some coaching from her jerry dad (that's what she calls him) Only problem is....Looks like she has outgrown this bike

so proud of their pumpkins

Working hard on carving the pumpkins. Even had the laptop out to download patterns, they took it seriously this year!

Practicing to be a vampire for halloween

Easy Cheesy

Jerry and Parker playing catch in the rain

Chloe's class takes turns taking care of "weekend bear" and she wanted me to take pictures of the two of them ALL weekend. This is just one of the many

Performing at the Hays high school football game. That is her on the far right playing her flute

Lots of middle school kids playing in the band

At the football game waiting to watch Kenna perform. It was actually COLD

Chloe wanted to draw on our faces for some reason

Drama Queen

Getting their homework done for the day

I sent Chloe to make her bed when she got home from school and didn't hear from her for awhile. When i went to check on her this is what I found. School wears her out, Poor girl!

Kenna and her friend Mary on her birthday shopping trip

It's official...We have a teenager in the house

Jerry lost a bet to Parker and had to do the dishes. Worked out great for me!!!

Our little gangsta's sittin in the backseat

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Trip to the beach

Miss Chloe Flying a kite
We all just camped on the beach. The kids were so exhausted!

Kenna gettin her floaty ready so she can sun tan

This shark gobbled us up it was scary

The kids roasting marshmallows on the back porch
I finally decided to post some pics for my family that has been so patiently waiting. I thought I was going to be so gung ho about posting things but I haven't been too good so far. I think it is because I still don't get how to do half the stuff on here and I look at everyone else's blogs and they are just so cutesy and perfect that i just get frustrated because mine are all just out of order and I can't add more pics and UGHHHH.... I just need to stop being the perfectionist that I am and do what I can. Besides the only way to learn is to get on here and try right?!?! Right..... So here you go family...... Just a few of our adventures right before school started. We took a family trip down to camp on the beach with some friends of ours. We weren't going to go because we didn't have alot of camping stuff, but then decided what the heck... we can wing it. So we did! It was fun but I am not sure I am the "camp out on the beach type of gal". It is just so sandy, and so hot, and just soooo not like the camping we do in the hills back home. We decided next time we go we are going to stay in a nice hotel and then spend the day at the beach. That would be much nicer. We did have some good dutch oven tators and some peach cobbler thanks to my hubby. He can make any meal he makes into the best tasting thing you ever had! He's the best. (which probably explains why I have an extra layer of fat on me ever since I got here and he started doing the cooking!) Well, there is another reason for that but I like to blame it on him too :) Which brings me to our big announcement.... WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!! I am due on April 21st so that puts me at about 10 weeks now. We are so excited and are so glad we can share this experience together. Jerry is going to be the best daddy he is so excited and so am I...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Family Fun at the Fun Center...

This week was Parkers birthday and we decided we would take him to the fun center in North Austin for a little go-cart, arcade, laser tag, and whatever else we could find to celebrate his big day. He turned ten this year which I cannot believe. Where has a decade gone! I couldn't believe it when Kenna turned ten but it is just crazy to have two kids in the double digits. And since he is almost taller than me it really makes me feel old :) Happy Birthday Parker We Love You!!!
We had alot of fun, Jana, Tate, and Kasen came with us and I know Parker was glad they were there. We sure are going to miss these guys when they go back home, but we are going to enjoy every last minute we have with them while they are still here!

Not so Happy Days

So it's always fun to post all the cheery, silly pics that we take to show everyone how much fun we are having and say how great life is and blah blah blah but there are those days that you don't always get those perfect pics and your kids aren't always happy and things just don't go quite as well as we think they should (I know this happens to everyone!) Well that def happened this week so I had to put some of these on here because sometimes I get the most laughs out of these kinds of pictures. First I had Parker mad at me because I decided I was going to cut his hair to save a dollar or two (man where is my sister when I need her) and I really was just going to shave it all off but decided to tell him I was cutting a mohawk and that it was cool to be the new kid with a mohawk. He was so mad at me and I could not stop laughing! So I finally caved and shaved it all off so he is a happy boy once again.
Then I just thought it would be so cute of me to take the kids to the library (again to save a buck or two) and let them check out some books to read the next couple weeks and that didn't go over quite so well either. Kenna thought she was way too cool to be there in the first place her words as we were walking in the door was, "I can't believe I am spending my summer in a LIBRARY" which I thought was funny because it was our first time there. She went straight over to the teen magazines and sat down while Parker and Chloe ran around looking for the perfect book. Parker had a specific one in mind and got frustrated with me because I didn't exactly know how to help him even though I tried! Lets just say I didn't spend my summers in a library at all and I am lucky that I can even find something alphabetically let alone in the science-fiction or fact section! (I know it's not that hard, but come on I spent my time with Ebbi and Tavi not in the library!) Man I don't know where that boy comes from...So he settled for another selection. I realized it was time to go and found Chloe with about ten different books in her hand and when I told her she could only pick one she almost had a melt down. She pulled it together and narrowed it down to two. She handed me one and held the other and I thought the one she wanted was the one she handed me so I went over to check out our books. As we got out the door Chloe realized I didn't get the right one and she sat down and folded her arms and said she was not leaving until she got that book! Now we all know when this happens it is a battle of the wills with me and Chloe, but I am learning to just laugh at her too. She is so stubborn! She sat right in front of the library doors while people stepped over her to get in and she was not going to budge! So I took the camera out and got some pics. I don't think she talked to me for a good hour but we are best buds once again and all is well. You can see her in the picture with Kenna and Parker sitting in the background at the table in the black pants. She didn't want anything to do with pictures but I don't think kenna and Parker were too happy about it either! Ahhh these are the days I just have to laugh. Sometimes these are the days I laugh the very hardest! What else can you do sometimes right?!?!

Killin Time

We were a little early picking Jerry up from work a couple of days ago and snapped a few pics with the camera. Well, us girls did, Parker was just in the backseat reading and was annoyed at all the noise we were making it was ruining his concentration. Luckily Jerry didn't take too long and before we knew it he was headed out the door and we all headed home...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Golf Date

We decided we needed to have a little couple time and one of our favorite things to do is go golfing. So here is just a few pics that we had to take of ourselves of course because no one was with us to do it. I get a little camera crazy and Jerry hates it so i have to give him props for atleast forcing a few smiles for me. I am not great at golf but I am improving and I can whack that ball pretty dang far! Well atleast I think so (for a girl!) So Cutler's beware cause next year I will reclaim that golf title because we will be there and we will be ready! We did have a couple visitors on our last few holes. We were driving along in our little cart and came up on a whitetail deer that was being stalked by a coyote. It was cool we drove our cart right up to them and the deer was caught between us and the coyote and it did not know where to turn. I got out and we snapped a couple of pics. You can see them behind me I was trying to be as sneaky as a mouse! They took off and the deer got away. The coyote must have been mad at us because it followed us for the rest of our game. It was fun you don't get to see that every day!

And My cute hubby got me the prettiest roses on friday out of the blue it was so nice of him. They are so pretty I had to take a pic of those too. Thanks Hubby I love you bunches

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shout out to the Birthday Girl Jana... We love you!!!

So as most of you know I am still trying to learn how to do this, but I told myself practice makes perfect so I thought I would put something on here because I have to learn these blogging skills! Thanks for the tips how to post more than one pic at a time, that is much better! Today is Jana's birthday and we want her to know how much we love her. She prob won't have the best birthday today because she is at her house sick, with a sick boy, and a sick husband. Now we all know that Jana will spend her whole day taking care of her husband and baby because that's what moms do even though moms get sick too. And especially Jana she is just one of those people that puts herself last even though it is her day. I feel bad because she made my birthday so fun when she took me to get my toes done and I cant do much for her today. She really is an amazing person, she is so beautiful inside and out and I want her to know how glad I am she is here in Texas with us. Having her around makes my days better, my kids days better, and I know her brother's days better because she is someone you just want to be around all the time.... And if I don't stop I will cry and you all know how much I hate that!!! So here's to you Jana, we hope you have the best birthday even though it is not under the best circumstances and we will def make up for it on Thurs. when we take our girls shopping trip. Woo Hoo I am so excited! These pics are just a few of many that her and Kenna have taken of themselves. It is so funny because any time the camera comes out you will find Kenna and Jana over in the corner pulling faces and giggling and the camera flashing and then you will here Jana singing her heart out teaching Kenna the young women girls camp songs. Then you hear "come on Jerry sing with us. Come on, you know that song weeny weeny let's sing it!" The look on Jerry's face was classic! We have so much fun, Thanks again Jana for being a great sister, a great friend, and an aunt that is moving up to the favorite very fast! (right Candace and Lex?) :)