Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pic update and announcing our news!

Ok...So I haven't officially announced it on our blog, but most everyone knows we are expecting a baby! I am due on April 22 and we are all so excited for the new edition to our family. Everything is going great and we will find out Dec. 1st what we are having. We will keep you posted!

At the carnival. Kenna is way excited to be there

At the hog festival in Elgin, Tx they say they have the worlds best sausage. I didn't test that theory, but Jer gave them a two thumbs up

I had some better pictures but I had to put this one up because I crack up everytime I look at Parkers face! I think my sister will appreciate this one too she'll giggle... We were at the pumpkin patch in Elgin, TX

Finally learned how to ride with no training wheels after some coaching from her jerry dad (that's what she calls him) Only problem is....Looks like she has outgrown this bike

so proud of their pumpkins

Working hard on carving the pumpkins. Even had the laptop out to download patterns, they took it seriously this year!

Practicing to be a vampire for halloween

Easy Cheesy

Jerry and Parker playing catch in the rain

Chloe's class takes turns taking care of "weekend bear" and she wanted me to take pictures of the two of them ALL weekend. This is just one of the many

Performing at the Hays high school football game. That is her on the far right playing her flute

Lots of middle school kids playing in the band

At the football game waiting to watch Kenna perform. It was actually COLD

Chloe wanted to draw on our faces for some reason

Drama Queen

Getting their homework done for the day

I sent Chloe to make her bed when she got home from school and didn't hear from her for awhile. When i went to check on her this is what I found. School wears her out, Poor girl!

Kenna and her friend Mary on her birthday shopping trip

It's official...We have a teenager in the house

Jerry lost a bet to Parker and had to do the dishes. Worked out great for me!!!

Our little gangsta's sittin in the backseat


  1. Yes I did giggle. Thanks for posting FINALLY!! We were totally blogging at the same time. Are we lame or what. Forget it. I'm calling you.

  2. Congratulations to you guys.. that's so exciting!!Glad you guys are doing well.. you look great!!

  3. YEA! That is so exciting. What fun you will have with a new baby. We are about a month apart. I am due on the 29th. (Another Girl!) I wish you the best and hope you are having a blast in Texas! We miss you here in Kanab!